Our Boys

Cedarwood's Alway's Playing at Pleasant Pine
                        CD, RA, JH, WCX, CC, CGC


February 26, 2011


OFA Hips - Good/ Elbows - Clear

Eyes CERF's - Annually

Optigen B

EIC - CLear

CNM - Clear
Echo - Clear by Certified Cardiologist

Carries Brindle Gene

Nigel and  I have become a Good team...... 

We are having FUN is Obedience... He got his Companion Dog (CD) in 3 straight Trials placing in all 3 (ties for First place)

Dick put a Junior Hunter title (JH) on him easliy and we are now onto Senior

We are currently training for our Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) and Senior/Master Hun t tests.
Sire: BISS CH Ruthless Blazing Brentley,

Dam: Cedarwood's Reflections of Ruthie, RN, SH, WCI 

Wilmark's Making a Bit Mor Dreams at Pleasant Pine


  1. Murphy 8 weeks
     Murphy 8 weeks
  2. Murphy 6 months
     Murphy 6 months
  3. Murphy 13 months - Junior Hunter Title
     Murphy 13 months - Junior Hunter Title
  4. Murphy 20 months
    Murphy 20 months
  5. Title 11
    Title 11
  6. Title 12
    Title 12
  7. Title 17
    Title 17
  8. Title 20
    Title 20
 August 21, 2015

Hip ~ Good
Elbows ~ Normal

Eyes - CERF'd  Annually 10/2017

PRA ~ Clear 

Cardiac Echo - Clear by Cardiologist
EIC - Clear 
CNM - White Listed ~ Clear
HNPK - Clear 

Does Not Carry Dilute

CHIC # 124283
Sire: CH Hyspire Maritime Everything You Always Wanted

Dam: Tameric's Dream Weaver at Wilmark, RN
We were not expecting to add a "new" puppy to our family.  

As fate would have it, Friend and Fellow Labrador Breeder, Tami Wilson, had a litter of puppies, born just after we lost Mattie.

Tami had also bred Morgan, who we had lost shortly after Mattie, Dick found himself with out a four footed companion.

After getting home from the 2015 Master National, we drove up to Maine and brought home Murphy.

Dick has begun field training and Obedience with Murphy and Karen has been taking him to Ring Handling classes.

We look Forwar to seeing what our new little friend can achieve.