Our Girls

Pleasant Pine's Hidden Treasure,
April 26, 2009
Black (Bc)
OFA - Hips Good ~ Elbows - Normal
Eyes - Cerf'd Yearly
EIC - Clear
CNM - Clear/White Listed
Optigen A - Clear/Normal
Echo Cardiogram - Normal by Cardiologist
CHIC # 73982

2019 Finished our Utility Dog (UD) title w/placements
2018 Qualified for National Rally Championship - Novice 
2015 Qualified for Master National in Cheraw, SC - went out in 2nd Series
2014 - Qualified for Master National
2013 - Qualified at Master National in Flint Oak, KS - Sucessfully Passed
2012 Qualified for Master National - went out in 3rd series
2012 Finished Companion Dog Title (CDX)
2011 - 10th Ranked Labrador Retiever in Novice Obedience (very limited showing 4 Trials)
Sire: FC/AFC Land Ahoy       "Pirate"
Dam: Peakebrook's Tiger's Eye, QAA
Pleasant Pine's  A Piece of Treasure, CD, SH, WCI, CC, CGC
December 12, 2014
Black (BBEE)
​ - No Hidden Coat Color
Hip - OFA Excellent ~ Elbows - Normal
Eyes - Cerf'd Yearly 11/2019
EIC - Clear 

​PRA-prnd - Clear

CNM - Clear/White Listed 
 HPNK - Clear
​Echo Cardiogram - Clear by Cardiologist
Does not carry Dilute Gene​ (DDKK)

CHIC # 118837
Sire: NAFC/FC Texas Troubador   "Tubb"
Dam: Pleasant Pine's Hidden Treasure, 
                    UD, RA, MH40, WCX, CC, CGC

                              Ruby's Pedigree

2019 has  beena GREAT year.

In September, Ruby finished the requirements for her Senior Hunting title in 4 straight trials.  

Ruby qualified in 3 straight Obedience Trials and completed the requirement to complete her Companion Dog Title (CD) with all placements. She also Qualified for the AKC Nationall Obedience Championship - Novice level.

We are now in training for her Companion Dog Excellent title (CDX) and working on her 
Utility exercises.

Wth the warm weather coming, Field training will start in full force .  Can't wait to start again.  

Ruby's last litter are all doing well. Two went to performance homes and two went to Pet homes. I expect to see the Performance puppies working in Junior later this summer.


2019 - Finished Senior title
2019 -  Qualified for  AKC National Obedience Championship 
2019 - Finished Companion Dog title w/Placements
2016 - Finished Junior Hunter title